Mosentree is the name of the mortal estate and kithain freehold that is the County seat of Sleeping Dissonance. It is located in Fairfax City, Va. Count Cahir ap Fiona is the Freeholder.

Mortal Estate


Mosentree is a lovely colonial style house in Fairfax City. The house is large, built within the last 100 years but renovated and kept up as the years have progressed. A manicured lawn is surrounded on all sides by trees and enclosed by a six foot tall brick wall. There is a large gate in the front that opens to a long driveway that leads to a parking area for visitors and a garage in the back. The house is close enough to Main Street that one could see the weekend farmer’s market from the upper windows, but far enough and behind a thick wall of trees that rush hour traffic is mostly subdued.



To fae eyes, Mosentree is no mere house, but instead it is a comfortably sized castle with ivy climbing up the sturdy, stone walls. Those walls are lined with stained glass windows, and towers rise into the air, lifting pennants to the breeze that flutter with the Ailil dragon and the Fiona lion, but mostly the Broken Rest symbol of the County itself. There are liveried guards at the gate and doors, as well as patrolling the grounds.

Inside the castle, the stone walls are lined with colorful tapestries and paintings. Lanterns keep the corridors well lit while providing shadows for those inclined towards them. The two rooms of the castle that visitors are generally allowed in is the Lounge and the Throne Room.

The Lounge is a comfortable area where kithain can linger and mingle in cozy seats and tables around the blazing balefire. A well stocked bar is tended by a boggan bartender who claims he’s been there for decades. There’s also a wooden stage on a platform for performers and live music.

The Throne Room is a deviation from the old world architecture of the rest of castle; indeed, from the concept of a traditional “throne room.” Persian rugs cushion feet from the hard floors underneath, and colorful cushions are piled in groups on the floor for kithain to sit and relax. There are also benches in the rear of the room for those who do not desire the cushions. Gauzy cloths billow above all, free to be untied and veil groups here and there in slight privacy. Instead of a room of unrelenting control and absolute authority, it is a room that seems to encourage comfortable respect. Incense burns in the corners, filling the large room with the faint scents of frankincense and cardamon.

Beyond these two rooms, there is also a large office the Count and Countess share to meet people in private. This room is simple, elegant, but clearly a place for business and not for comfort.


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