Freehold of Benet's Cask Toys and Novelties


Benet’s Cask is a toy store and kithain freehold on Queen Street in Old Town Alexandria within the Barony of Belle Haven in the County of Sleeping Dissonance. The owner and freeholder is Scruff Anderson, a wilder pooka.

The shop itself has been a kithain freehold for almost 200 years. When the city of Alexandria was first built, it was a cooper shop. Over the years it has changed many hands, until a pooka named Red Anderson bought of the place and turned it into a toy store. He became freeholder and held the balefire for 30 years before his death, after which he willed it into the hands of his grandson Samuel, who people called Scruff.

The toy store sells toys and novelties that aren’t necessarily big brand names, and are often handmade by kithain and their dreamers. The freehold is in the attic that seems to kithain eyes to be a large, indoor garden with skylights overhead. There, kithain and rest and linger in comfortable couches and chairs and relax nearthe balefire in a large hearth. The freehold is popular among the kithain in the County of Sleeping Dissonance, and at a given time there will be anywhere from 5 to 20 there.

Freehold of Benet's Cask Toys and Novelties

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