Changeling: the Dreaming - Sleeping Dissonance

Our First Game

Finally, Yay!

So the time has finally come! Last night’s game was focused on setting the mood of the area the story is set in and introducing characters. We met the Countess and her husband, and the challenge was given and picked up by our heroes. An excellent starting point, in my opinion.

There are a couple points I wanted to bring up that I mentioned last night, and will elaborate here. First off, the Countess would meet with you all privately in her office after Court, to give you directions to River’s End and the Freehold, as well as a couple individuals who could possibly have information for you. She also gives everyone the opportunity to take the Oath of Accepted Burden, but only if everyone in the group agrees to take the Oath. More about that later.

Otherwise, thank you all for a great first game, and I look forward to more! Feel free to RP amongst yourselves in between games, or ask any questions, or speak to me if your character intends on doing something awesome or funky off screen. :o)


I had a great time! Great job to Val for jumping back into ST after such a long gap! I love meeting all the new characters we are going to get to know throughout the campaign.

I learned that I really need to sit down and READ THE BOOK to start getting all these Changeling-specific vocab words under my belt!

Our First Game

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