The Balefire within the Barony of River’s End is likely the most powerful in the seemingly cursed County of Sleeping Dissonance. Which is why the newly appointed Countess Zafirah bint Ailil has decided that her first priority must be to get it firmly under her control. To do so, she must find a group of individuals willing to discover why every person appointed Freeholder has disappeared or died within the first year of caring for it – including the last Baron of River’s End. All the County’s citizens know of the inevitable fate every Freeholder has awaiting, and thus the Balefire, powerful as it is, remains unwatched. The Countess has decided the only recourse is to recruit individuals from outside the area who are willing to brave whatever possible dangers block this Balefire from being held. She has promised the powerful Freehold to anyone who can solve the mystery that has plagued the entire County for over a century.

Changeling: the Dreaming - Sleeping Dissonance

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