Changeling: the Dreaming - Sleeping Dissonance

So Four Faeries Walk Into a Bar...


So! Last night was our third game, and we are merrily rolling along, plot-wise. Our intrepid Wild Things went to visit the local unseelie hang out and managed not only to not start any fights, but to get some information and useful contacts. Nice job, Scoobies!

I observed some excellent role play all around last night, and I am happy to see people are getting into their characters. I forgot to mention, but everyone gets 3 exp for last night, which brings everyone to 10 exp (7 for Will). I wanted to call you each out individually on things I noticed and appreciated/was pleased to see as an ST in your roleplaying.

Now that we have a couple weeks behind us, starting next week we will be implementing a new exp gain system. In this system, at the end of the game, all the players will privately vote for the individual they feel did the best as far as roleplaying their character and situations. The most voted for individual will get one extra exp on top of the flat amount of exp that everyone receives (if there’s a tie, both will get extra, I’m no exp miser). In addition, I, as the ST will also give an extra exp to the individual who I feel played their characters extremely well that week, because I have special ST insight as to characters personalities and traits that the other players may not have or notice because they’re playing their own dudes. There is also the possibility to gain exp throughout the week if you RP a particularly good scene with each other and show me, or you come to me for some interaction with dudes in between games and I’m like, “Wow you played your dude really well there, have a point.”

The system is implemented to encourage RP, cuz that’s what I do. I pay people to write stories for me. If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding this, feel free to come to me and talk to me about it. I am not a jerk, and I appreciate feedback :o)


I love this system! I’ve actually seen it used in D&D by a DM – not the individuals voting, but that he gave out an extra RP point. He also had us each go around the table at the end of the game and say who we thought did really well and why before giving it out based on his own vote. I didn’t realize this was a WW-based thing. But I actually always really loved it as it encourages baby RPers and also a sense of group encouragement. Looking forward to it!

So Four Faeries Walk Into a Bar...

Oh man I want the points.

So Four Faeries Walk Into a Bar...

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